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Our New Campus Is Here!

Cornerstone has acquired the church facility, pastor's home, and property of Swiftwater Baptist Church located south of Greenville on Highway 1 between Highway 454 and Wilmont Road. Our vision is to establish an extended campus called Cornerstone Baptist South at this location, and we hope you will partner with us. You can do this in three ways. First, commit and pray for God's provision and blessing. Funds must be raised, renovations must be done, resources must be allocated. Second, commit and promote this grand venture among your family members, church members, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. We need to spread the word of this expansion far and wide in order to develop partners. Third, commit and partner with us by giving a recurring tax-deductible donation. Kingdom work and ministry cost dollars. This is a non-negotiable fact that requires financial partners. Our purpose is to be witnesses of Jesus Christ sharing His gospel of salvation and new life, to see people's lives transformed as followers of Jesus, and to join God where He is at work extending his forever kingdom. We humbly ask that you would connect with us. Let's experience together God's amazing grace and power.

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Cornerstone Baptist South

3031 Highway 1 South

Greenville, Mississippi

Repair and Renovation

Double-sided electric scrolling sign for parking lot
Build stairs—both sides of baptistry
A/C units repair—church and parsonage
Bathroom upgrades
Sound system upgrades
Flooring in places
Fresh paint in sanctuary and fellowship hall
New tables and chairs for fellowship hall
Resurface parking lot
Floors in parsonage—remove old, musty carpet; replace with tile and/or wood
Refrigerator, washer, and dryer for parsonage

Freezer for church kitchen
Repair closet damage in parsonage
Security light—rear of church


Extra-large grill
Snow cone machine (truck)
Bibles (NASB) paperback
Church promotional material

Worship & Sunday School

Sunday School material
Connect Cards
Large TV Screens for sanctuary (65-75 inch)
Computer (one for screens and one for sign)

List of current needs

For more information or questions, call 662-347-6914.

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