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How You Can Help

Put the monthly Keenagers fellowship on your calendar and make the appointment each month. Moreover, communicate and invite friends in our church and in other churches to

participate. One of our goals is to reach out to seniors with the love

and gospel of Jesus Christ inviting them to experience the

new life that He provides. In addition, we want to

provide an inspiring setting where seniors

can meet, fellowship and share the

unique ways God is touching

and changing their lives.


Our senior adults gather each month on the second Thursday for a special program, food and fellowship. This outreach ministry affords Cornerstone Keenagers the opportunity to reach out to other seniors in the city with the gospel, to make new friends and to minister to people who may be lonely and in need. Speakers always make presentations that are age-relevant and helpful. You'll enjoy the experience and be greeted with smiles.

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June Starnes

Keenagers Coordinator

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