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1407 E. Reed Rd. | Greenville, Mississippi 38703

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Our vision is to be intentional witnesses of Jesus Christ and experience people's lives being radically transformed through faith in Him as Lord and Savior beginning in Greenville, Mississippi, and extending to Washington County, the state of Mississippi, the United States and the rest of the world. We see ourselves as Christ's disciples who make disciples as He commanded. Come experience the Christ of Cornerstone. We would love to meet you.

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In November 2013, two churches, Parkview Baptist and Second Baptist, merged together to become Cornerstone Baptist.  We meet each week for worship on Sunday morning and evening and Wednesdays at 1407 E. Reed Road, Greenville, Mississippi. Morning services begin with Sunday School at 9:30 am followed by worship at 10:45 am. Daylight Savings Time determines the time of our Sunday evening services. We meet for worship at 4:00 pm from November through March and at 5:00 pm from April through October. Come join us. You'll receive a warm welcome, experience Christ-centered worship and hear solid, life-changing, biblical preaching and teaching.

Meet our Senior Pastor

Dr. Jack Manor has ministry experience spanning over 28 years that includes pastoring

churches in Mississippi and Illinois. He also planted two churches in central Mississippi.

Since January 2013, in addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Dr. Manor has served

as an adjunct professor for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for their

extension program inside the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, Mississippi.

During this time, he has taught a variety of preaching, biblical interpretation, and ministry

courses and held preaching services on the prison grounds two times each month.

Dr. Manor is also founder and executive director of 1P26 Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Manor came to Cornerstone in July 2015. Since arriving, he has provided strong

visionary leadership. Dr. Manor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering

from Mississippi State University, a Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist

Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree with Specialization in Pastoral Work and

Emphasis in Conflict Resolution from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. His commitment to life-changing biblical preaching and teaching challenges people to know God intimately, bring God's truth to bear on every aspect of their lives, increase their Christian commitment and serve Jesus with their whole hearts.

He and his wife, Gail, have been married for thirty-six years and have one son already in heaven, two married daughters, and three grandsons.

We believe in the essential supremacy of Jesus Christ and the innate sinfulness of humanity. Jesus is Lord and Judge of Heaven and Earth and, as such, every person will meet Him in judgment and answer for the lives that they have lived. However, God so loved people that, rather than see them punished eternally in Hell for their sins, He did the unimaginable. He set in motion a plan of redemption that would require Him to become a man, Jesus Christ, die on a cross and, thereby, pay in His sinless body the full wrath of God against the sin of the whole world, and then rise from the grave conquering death. With sin paid for, God offers every human being the grace, power and ability to humble themselves and willingly choose to turn from their sins to Jesus Christ, place their faith in Him, surrender their lives to Him and receive Him as Lord and Savior. Finally, with new lives, literally transformed from within, they live the rest of their lives with the Holy Spirit's indwelling presence faithfully doing God's will by His power. Learn more about our beliefs and values and why we worship and serve Jesus with humble, joy-filled hearts.

Our Beliefs

If you are interested in learning more about us, Discover Cornerstone is designed just for you. Sign up for the class in advance by calling the church office or putting your name on the list located in one of the alcoves at the front of the church.

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