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  Tracy Chandler

Nursery Coordinator

We care for your children birth to age four in our Christ-honoring, safe, secure, and engaging environment. Your child's spiritual growth, safety and well-being receive the highest priority. We take extra measures and precautions to make sure that your child is safe and secure and that you are confident. We want you to attend Bible Study and Worship and concentrate on learning, growing, worshiping and serving, not spend that time worrying about your child. Rest assured, your child is in good hands.

How We Protect Your Children 

1.  We employ both paid and volunteer nursery workers.

2.  Only adults who have been members in good standing with our church for at least six months will be considered for volunteering as children's workers in the nursery.

3.  All nursery workers wear name tags.

4.  Only children from birth to three years old are allowed in the nursery.

5.  Children older than three years attend worship services with their parents.

6.  Both paid and volunteer nursery workers must undergo thorough background investigations.

7.  Any person who has a criminal history, has been arrested for a sex crime (whether convicted or not), or is a registered sex offender will not be allowed to serve as a nursery worker or a volunteer in any area of children or youth ministry.

8.  All parents must register their children in the nursery.

9.  Nursery children will not be released to other children or minors.

10.  If parents will not be picking their children up after services, they must pre-authorize another adult to pick up when they register their children for nursery ministry prior to services.

11.  At least two nursery workers will be assigned to each room at all times.

12.  Security cameras are installed in each nursery room, and activity in each room is recorded for the safety of the children and the workers. Rooms may be viewed by a security monitor in the foyer of the nursery suite.

13.  Once worship services begin, all nursery doors are locked except for the front glass door, which is constantly monitored, as a precaution to assure the safety of our children and workers.

14.  Parents leave their cell numbers with the nursery coordinator in case of emergencies.

15.  If a child in the nursery gets ill or cries uncontrollably, parents will be sent a text message asking them to come to the nursery to console their children. If children require medication of any type, parents must administer the medicine prior to registering their children or return to the nursery at the appropriate time to administer the medicine.

16.  In case of inclement weather that requires emergency safety precautions, children are taken to a room on the first floor that is designated a storm safe zone.

17.  In the event that the church is required to go under lock down for security reasons, all nursery doors are locked until the emergency is over.

18.  First aid kits are available in the nursery at all times.

19.  Nursery rooms are cleaned and sanitized after each service.

20.  Children who have been ill with the following symptoms in the previous twenty-four hours will not be allowed to stay in the nursery: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, yeast infection, monilial, thrush, impetigo (infected wounds), boils, untreated ringworms, runny nose (green or yellow mucus discharge), communicable eye infections (conjunctivitis--pink eye), contagious skin rash, croupy cough (except in cases of allergy), began antibiotics (in the previous twenty-four hours), and childhood diseases (mumps, measles, chicken pox).

Nursery Guidelines

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