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Cornerstone Cubs

Children from birth through kindergarten are well-cared for at Cornerstone. From the nursery to children's ministry, we want to lay a firm foundation for faith in the youngest people among us.

Cornerstone Kids

Children from first through six grades get to know God through the stories in the Bible. God's nature and will are learned through stories that show his deeds and interactions with people in history.

Cornerstone Youth

Middle school and high school students study the Bible to understand God's overall redemptive story, as well as God's claim upon their lives and how they can live to honor and please Him.

How You Can Help

Get you and each person in your family actively involved in one of our age-graded ministry groups. Commit wholeheartedly to loving

God and serving Him. Discover your spiritual gifts,

and put your life in service to the Lord of

life, Jesus Christ.

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Life Groups

Cornerstone Collegians

Students should enter college with a Christian faith deeply grounded in biblical truth. We strive to prepare college students to recognize false truth and to live morally pure lives from a biblical worldview.

Cornerstone Adults

Responsibilities of family and work can be overwhelming. Our young adults are challenged to nurture a loyal and growing faith in Christ through obedience to His will in all areas of their lives.

Cornerstone Seniors

Life situations change with age; however, our worth to God and importance to His church remain. Our seniors continue to grow in their knowledge of God and share their wisdom with others.

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