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Prayer Request

Your prayer needs and requests are important to us. If you would like your request(s) to be kept confidential, mark the box. Rest assured that I read each prayer request and pray for each need. If you do not mark your request confidential, your need will be added to our Wednesday Prayer Meeting bulletin, and the entire church will pray for your need.

"Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan" (John Bunyan).

"The fewer the words the better prayer" (Martin Luther).

"Prayer is an effort of will" (Oswald Chambers).

"Our prayer and God’s mercy are like two buckets in a well; while one ascends, the other descends" (Arthur Hopkins).

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees. Let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for" (Charles H. Spurgeon).

"It is because of the hasty and superficial conversation with God that the sense of sin is so weak and that no motives have power to help you to hate and flee from sin as you should" (A.W. Tozer)

"Prayer is not monologue, but dialogue. Gods voice in response to mine is its most essential part" (Andrew Murray).

"Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees" (Corrie Ten Boom).

"Prayer is the acid test of devotion" (Samuel Chadwick).

"Prayer–secret, fervent, believing prayer–lies at the root of all personal godliness" (Williams Carey).

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